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  1. Brandon, about the Arizona pictures, these “Gallery” images are quite amazing! Where did you locate them? Who had those two photos – the one of the William Mann Rudd and Eliza Mann Rudd Family FARM (near Nutrioso or Rudd Creek or wherever it was?) and the picture of their town Home in Springerville? Is there an educated guess as to what years these two photos were taken? (We could probably figure out which of their children were posing there for those photos.) Really amazing! Thanks, Brandon!


    1. These Arizona photos actually came from Arkansas. They’re part of Larry Allen Rudd’s collection, which he’s allowing me to digitize.

      Larry’s collection was recovered from Benjamin Franklin Rudd’s old home in Green Forest, Arkansas, prior to its demolition in 1981. Everything is still stored in the original trunk. (I have some items from Ben’s house, too.)

      Another photo of Dr. Rudd and Eliza’s house is on pg. 21 of The White Mountains of Apache County by Catherine H. Ellis and D. L. Turner. Eliza is quoted as saying “…we bought our home in Springerville in the fall of 1886.” Google Books has an online preview that will make you want to buy the book.


      1. I DID buy that book, Brandon; thank you for letting me know! Before reading it, I skipped ahead to look at the photographs, and there — on p.59 was a photo of my tall, handsome, grandfather in 1909 when he worked as a Forest Ranger in Apache National Forest. Grandpa told me those were some of the most enjoyable days of his life! Thank you for the referral to this book!


  2. I just found this sight and was amazed to see pictures of my grandfather in one of the pictures. He is still alive in Harrison ar, he is now 84 years old.

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    1. Deadra, is Edgar Lee Rudd your grandfather? I’ve been wanting to visit with him. His nephew Larry Allen Rudd has been helping me research the Rudd family for a book I’m working on.

      I’m Brandon. We went to school together. I’m glad you found my blog.


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