North Carolina Rudd Lineage

There are four well-known Rudd lineages that migrated to North America at different times:

  • New England lineage:  descendants of Jonathan Rudd (1622-1658) who arrived in Connecticut around 1640 (groom at the Bride Brook Wedding)
  • Virginia lineage:  descendants of Capt. John Rudd (1645-1790) who arrived in Henrico County, Virginia, around 1670 (uncle of William Byrd II)
  • South Carolina lineage:  descendants of Burlingham Rudd (1707-1770) who arrived in South Carolina in 1728 (transported for stealing a horse)
  • Irish lineage:  migrated to North America later than the English and Scots-Irish lineages (see early research by Mary Amelia Rudd)

I’ve chosen to refer to descendants of William Rudd (c. 1750-1822) as the North Carolina lineage, to distinguish it from the others.

  • North Carolina lineage:  descendants of William Rudd (c. 1750-1822) from Halifax County, North Carolina

A lot of genealogists have conflated this family’s history with that of the New England, Virginia, and South Carolina lineages

4 thoughts on “North Carolina Rudd Lineage

  1. Brandon, I too find your research most interesting! I would like to point some of my cousins, also Rudd descendants, to this blogsite. Such amazing finds! (I really hope you will find a connection to that fabled “Spanish Pirate” of Rudd family lore, as there will be a number of little boys I know, who would be pretty darn excited to think we are all descended from “a Pirate” !!! )


  2. Where’s the “DNA info” about “the Pirate” possibility in the Rudd Family Tree?
    Is it going to be posted soon on this blogsite?
    (There are some little boy Rudd descendants in California – who would like to know….?)


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